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 (after The Book of Memory Gaps by Cecilia Ruiz)

“Every day, at the toll of the noon bells, Kapitan Anders Speicher is visited by the same overbearing flashback – a vivid memory that is followed by an uncontainable, three-minute long, crying spell” 
Memory box MIA. Section 006. Box 10. File 4. Slip 8.

Welcome to the Memory Bank.
Wilkommen in die Speicherbank.

Where young Rose F Stengulf lives and works with old Papa Stefan. This place where memories are stored in a remarkable way. Daily, they recite and retain these memories in orderly files. Adoringly, Rosa strives to commit to memory vast tracts of knowledge as passed down by Papa Stefan. However, as Papa Stefan’s strength falters, Rosa glimpses in the chinks of his memory a past hidden from her. She learns the truth of her parents and the dark, secret history Papa Stefan has fought so hard to bury deep within the Memory Bank.

We journey back to Germany before the war when former friends turned on their neighbours out of fear and suspicion. Rose learns of the bravery of her mother and the terrible end that befell her.






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In this age of populism and politicians conjuring fear of the ‘outsider', The Memory Bank reminds us of a not too distant past and where this scare-mongering can lead us. 

This production is for 12+