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A Quiz for all ages

A rather dramatic Quiz featuring absurd trivia for any one cares to listen. 

Get ready. Renowned European quizmaster Pietr Kloon is one of the world's deepest thinkers (he lives in a submarine off Hamburg). He and his team will lead an audience of armchair experts, artefacts, scientists and fans of nonsense through his own absurd quiz to find out just how little this quizmaster actually nose... sorry, knows. 

One part vintage vaudevillian and one part really bad European quiz show, Pietr Kloon invites you to be led by the nose through a quiz you will find hard to remember. 


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Superb fun, well presented, very enjoyable for all of us. It was funny and gentle, perfect for the library context and the kids loved it.
Irma Grothius, Co-ordinator of the Children Arts in Libraries programme

"Right from the beginning of the performance, a rapport was established with the children whose ages ranged from 8 years to late teens. Louis, Aaron and 'Miss Page Turner' were so kind and responsive to the children that they were captivated throughout and joined in ....some even a little too enthusiastically! And that is what I remember most, the laughter, the smiles and the hugs to Louis and his actors before they left.
Celine Broughal, Library Manager Kildare Town Library

"Thanks again so much for today! It was lovely and the actors are brilliant. We got such a laugh!
Festival participant