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Stage Presence - for Children and Young People

Louis Lovett (Joint Artistic Director of Theatre Lovett) works hard at his play. Join him for a confidence boosting introduction to stage presence and the art of standing before an audience of people, pets or even playthings. This is a creative, playful but focused approach to stage presence.

  • Plant your feet.
  • Stand tall.
  • Breathe deep.
  • Look us in the eye…
  • Smile… don’t fake it, little smile.
  • Be aware of your footsteps.
  • Embrace your mistakes.
  • Help others to shine and bask in their glow.

In order to create the semblance of chaos on stage the theatre maker employs control, discipline and technique. Allow the gentle command of Louis Lovett introduce your child to a self-study in discipline, self-awareness and consideration of others.


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“Theatre Lovett have a wonderful, interactive, caring and insightful approach. Their way of facilitating is inspiring.''