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Mr. Foley, The Radio Operator

Old Jack Foley has a sore toe and it’s not getting better. Once when he was young and strong he dreamed of joining the circus. But now, tired and grey, he sits alone by his radio twiddling the dials on his memories. Theatre Lovett invite you into their world of radio waves, sorrowful partings and hilarious slapstick comedy in Mr. Foley, The Radio Operator. Join Louis Lovett as he conjures characters and chapters full of charm from Mr. Foley’s colourful past.

Age Range: 6+ and adults of all ages

Creative Team

Writer: Frances Kay in collaboration with Theatre Lovett
Director: Muireann Ahern
Cast: Louis Lovett
Voices: Lisa Lambe & Andrew Bennett
Set Design and Build: Philippe Le Febevre
Lighting Designer: Sarah Jane Shiels
Sound Designer: Carl Kennedy
Producer: Jeanine MacQuarrie
Production Manager: Adam Fitzsimons
Stage Managers: Dee McCormack/Stephanie Ryan
Chief LX: Adrian Mullan
Photo Credits: Brian Cregan & Marina Levitina


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“Lovett is an incredibly accomplished physical actor whose gift dazzles when performing for children... a master shapeshifter.”
Irish Theatre Magazine

“Lovett is now inextricably associated with the development of contemporary children’s theatre in Ireland.”
The Irish Examiner 

“With true comic spirit, Theatre Lovett defies all age groupings to appeal to everybody.”
The Irish Independent

“Theatre Lovett is back in town… with their unique style that has insured the company’s success with theatre for young audiences since its inception.”

“Lovett has a fabulous, no-holds-barred approach to physical performance and a brilliantly expressive talent with language.”
Herald Scotland