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Theatre Lovett's Training in Opera Performance
in partnership with Irish National Opera

Training in Opera Performance
November 27-30 2023

For details, see below.

Theatre Lovett in association with the Irish National Opera presents an intensive training course on performance techniques tailored to opera professionals. The course is led by Louis Lovett, Joint Artistic Director of Theatre Lovett.

This course is open to professional opera performers, directors and practitioners.


Training Masterclasses are also offered. If you are interested in participating or booking a course, drop us an email at  adding “Opera Performance Masterclasses in Ireland” or “Opera Performance Masterclasses abroad" in the subject line. 

If you are enquiring on behalf of a third level institution, please get in touch with Theatre Lovett General Manager.

Course Content

The Calm before the Sturm und Drang.
Our presence in an audition or rehearsal room.
How to achieve a calm, focused energy and leave our ‘baggage’ at the door.

Gift us your eyes.
“Where should I look when I sing in an audition?”
At the audition panel, into middle space or at an imaginary moon?
In performance: singing and playing for your audience.

Know thyself.
“I’ve been told my head nods when I sing, does it?”
Stillness and how to take away extraneous movement.

Plant and grow.
“I sometimes go up on my toes for high notes.”
Why tippy toes can trip us up in more ways than one.

Hande hoch!
“What should I do with my hands!?”
Hand gesticulation: hands by my side, in my pockets or weighing melons?

Engaged neutrality.
Sad face, happy face or neutral face – how to relax our furrowed brows!
Facial expression – let our words and actions speak for us. No face pulling.

Float like a butterfly, sing like a bee.
How to move in the space: audition, rehearsal and stage blocking - alone or with others.

Choral movement
Moving as part of an ensemble in rehearsal and on the stage.

Aria Work
Spotlighting moments in an aria of your choice through eyes, gesture and thought.

Trouser roles
How the hat fits!
How much or how little?
Acting like a child
Over the top? Make it stop!

 Upcoming Events

Training in Opera Performance
in association with Irish National Opera and supported by National Concert Hall
Date: 27-30 November 2023
Times: 10am to 5.30pm
Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin
Participation Fee: 250 EUR

To apply:
Please email an updated CV or bio and a headshot along with a brief outline on why you would like to participate to adding “Training in Opera Performance Nov23” in the subject line.
Closing date for applications is Monday October 30th at 5pm.



Please note, a waiting list is operating throughout the year for current and future courses. To be considered, please email your interest to adding “Opera training waiting list” in the subject line and we will get in contact with any updates on course dates.

Theatre Lovett's Training in Opera Performance is supported by the Arts Council.


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In 2020, Theatre Lovett, with Irish National Opera and The Abbey Theatre, co-produced and directed Humperdinck’s opera Hansel and Gretel. The production was awarded the “Best Opera - overall theatrical experience” Award by The Irish Times Theatre Awards 2020/2021.